Records & Document Services

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Streamline Your Business with Records Solutions

Offsite Document Management

How do you improve efficiency and productivity, increase office space and protect vital documents? The answer is Records Solutions. We are an offsite, full-service, document management facility used by a variety of businesses, government offices and nonprofits who want to streamline their operations and protect critical documents.

Document Storage

Record Solutions is the simple answer to document storage. Choose the records you want to store offsite and we will collect them from your location, transport them to our secure storage facility and catalog them for storage. We can return them to you whenever you want or you can visit our facility whenever you need to access records.

High Speed Scanning Services

Records Solutions’ high speed scanning services not only reduces paper storage and overhead costs, but indexes your documents for improved electronic data management.  With our document scanning and indexing services, your boxes of folders become searchable electronic documents, saving you time and money. Once scanned, our electronic document management, (EDM), services offer a resource-saving tool to manage even copious amounts of documents.

Electronic Document Management

Imagine having easy access to all of your data— and your documents, no matter where they reside, how they are organized, (or not), or what format – from paper to digital documents to sticky notes- completely accessible and visible on demand…
Amp up efficiency by having all the right documents at every location – office, work station, warehouse – you need them. Parts lists, architectural drawings, brochures, resumes, invoices, illustrations…anything!


Electronic files are confidential yet accessible to those who need them, anywhere, any time. Instead of cumbersome searching you can be finding in moments with an organized electronic document management system tailored for your business needs. Our powerful indexing features automatically ensure all your document types are filed away in the proper location. Programmed automation moves documents with speed, and with a structured authorization process. Security and control keep your business organized, and your productivity escalated, in ways you have only dreamed it could be. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Document remediation

Records Solutions specializes in reclaiming paper documents which are water soaked, stained, or contaminated with mold or mildew. Whether your books, photographs, or documents are damaged by floods or sitting unprotected in a moist environment growing mildew and dangerous mold, Records Solutions has the capability of reversing the effects of water damage. Document mold remediation will protect your health and restore contaminated documents.

Document shredding

Secure document shredding and destruction is ideal for businesses or individuals who seek complete destruction of confidential, copyrighted or sensitive documents. Our service are secure, environmentally-friendly and affordable. We transport your confidential documents and electronic media in secured, locked bins.  Items are rendered illegible and then sent into the recycling stream. You can count on confidentiality as our employees are background checked and work under a strict confidentiality agreement.
Document and Electronic Media destruction of: any size paper, flash/thumb drives, hard drives and tape backups, CDs and DVDs, light metals including paper clips, staples, and binders.