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Business Moves, Office Relocation &
Moving Services

We’ll be efficient, so you can too


Keeping Your Business Moving, While We Do Ours

Fox & Ginn Movers recognizes that businesses must move efficiently to minimize down time during a office moving. We work closely with you to ensure that your day-to-day business operations can stay on track while we manage the details. Whether your commercial moving plans are simple or complex, in state or long distance, we will oversee the big picture and the fine details.


More than just moving your business

No matter what the reason for your commercial or office move, we understand how challenging it is to stay focused on the needs of both your business and the details of a move. Our commercial moving team is made up of seasoned professionals, ready to manage many facets of a business move. More than packing and relocating your office, office building or other commercial location, Fox & Ginn Movers can orchestrate all the important needs of a business move. We customize each commercial moving plan to accommodate your individual needs.


Many times, purging old furniture and files is beneficial when preparing for an office move. We can help by delivering your donated furniture to a local charity.  Old files and business records can be confidentially shredded at our secure location: Our sister company, Records Solutions, will ensure your old data and files are confidentially and quickly destroyed.


Confidentially matters. Our trusted, professional crews are available to sign confidentiality agreements, if needed, to protect your proprietary information.

From office equipment to
large-scale medical equipment

Professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality are the hallmarks of our commercial and office moves. We provide lockable heavy duty totes and packing supplies to help streamline your move, and offer secure paper shredding services to purge your sensitive documents. Along with moving traditional office equipment, Fox & Ginn Movers has experience safely moving both heavy equipment such as safes, heavy shop equipment, large desks and filing systems as well as  delicate precision equipment including medical equipment, copy machines, retail displays, library inventory,  and more.


Let us tailor the needs of your business move. Please contact us to learn how we can make your office relocation virtually stress free.

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