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A Better Alternative to Self Storage

For long or short term moves, Fox & Ginn Movers offers on-site warehousing storage that is ultra secure. We store household, (or office), items securely in private vaults. Each vault holds 1000 lbs+ of  furnishings, boxed goods, artwork, electronics, and more. Our vaults are each electronically cataloged for efficient access. And our household storage space is a cost effective, ultra-secure alternative to standard self storage units.


We will pick up your household items at your residence or office and carefully and securely package the items for you. Access to your personal storage vault is just a phone call away. When you arrive at our warehouse we will have your personal storage vault(s) at floor level for easy access. Unlike ordinary self storage units which are secured by only a padlock, our warehouse and your storage vaults are secured by multi-layers of protection. Our security includes a fully locked secure warehouse facility, on-premise staffing, bright lighting deterrents, and night time site monitoring by law enforcement.

Ideal for Storage During Home Staging


Realtors advise sellers to “stage” homes for sale, and to pack or “put away” personal effects such as family mementos and photos for enhanced interior appeal to prospective home buyers. We can help make it convenient for you to stage your home while it’s on the market. Our household storage includes us carefully wrapping and packing, then storing your personal effects in your own garage/basement or safely at our facility.


Like a Safety Deposit Box for Your Belongings


Our warehouse property is fully “perimeter-fenced” with gated access. It is temperature stable, meaning there are no great fluctuation in temperature or humidity levels, so you can safely store heirlooms and antiques, artwork and other valuable possessions. Inside each vault, items are wrapped in special protective blankets and coverings for protection. Your possessions will be very well cared for- whether you need short term storage for staging and between moves or long term multiple year storage.


For important records you want to secure or for document destruction, our sister company, Records Solutions, is the go to source.

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