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Our Work

Our work has taken us to some fantastic places. We have moved just about everything, everywhere. On this page we would like to highlight some of the truly unique, challenging and special moves we have had the honor to take part in.

Packing in Bangor

Bangor Public Library

We move expensive items everyday. We know how to care for them and ensure their safe transportation. This move was unique because we moved a collection of historically priceless items.

We carefully packed and moved all sorts of treasures, from paintings of famous people and events from the Bangor region, to exquisite marble and bronze sculpture, to the handmade model wooden airplane. All of these items have tremendous historic and cultural significance in addition to their monetary value.

Time and Careful Planning

Our professional moving crew worked diligently for weeks planning and preparing for this week-long moving project.  Measurements were taken of each of the 300+ pieces so we could prepare custom crates to house the valuable art and furnishings. We visited the site several times to carefully inventory and catalog each item.

Crating art in Bangor

Our Gratitude

Packing Bangor

We want to share our profound thanks and gratitude with Bangor Public Library for the opportunity to collaborate with them for a project of this magnitude. It was important to us on every level and we are grateful for the trust placed in Fox & Ginn Movers. Special thanks to Barbara McDade and Lisa Frazell who both gave me a lot of their time. Everyone was accommodating and helpful throughout the project.


Enjoy the slideshow to experience a taste of this unique jewel in our professional moving portfolio. We hope it offers a glimpse of the unique custom moves we manage every year. Whether local residential move or a long distance relocation, we would like to be your movers!

– Michael Jennings, President, Fox & Ginn Movers

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